e diel, 9 nëntor 2008

Bureaucrats per Acre: a new metric

Imagine a Wikipedia that could only be edited by people in New York City. Each article would be less peer-reviewed, and many topics would no longer be covered at all. Now imagine a Wikipedia that only people in the state of New York could edit. It would be better, undoubtedly, but not as good as one open to the whole U.S., much less the Wikipedia that actually exists, which integrates expertise from the whole world. Local governments, like cities and counties are hopelessly crooked and unresponsive, because there are too few people watching them. States are better, because they have more people watching them (the whole state) and they de-duplicate government functions somewhat. The U.S. Federal Government is the best legislative body the world has ever seen. It is very closely watched, as the turnout in this years election proves. It houses some of the most effective, efficient government agencies ever, such as the U.S. military. Topping all these forms of government would be a world government. It would, of course, duplicate functionality less than any other kind. Having one police department instead of 1,000's allows for more specialization, innovation, efficiency, and incorruptibility, thanks to the increased spotlight such a force would endure. It would also be needed in volatile places like Iraq, which increasingly needs policemen more than it needs a military presence. It would have the added advantage of bringing enough minds to bear on issues that are location-specific, such as floods or snow. There would be a state of equatorial coastal communities, a state of mediterranean coastal towns, a state of tropical tourist towns, and so on and so forth. Then the unique problems of each of these types of cities could be tackled by a larger group of citizens than ever before, working closely, when before they didn't work together at all. Of course, this is a long way from happening, and I can't say when it will, but I know who will make it happen: America. As evidenced by our world's-best federal government, we are the greatest innovators in governance. We will start having fewer states, that make more sense. Then, as we annex countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, we will make them part of that system immediately. Ultimately, US hegemony will mean less taxes and better government.

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