e martë, 11 nëntor 2008

Awesome Bar to Genius Bar

Imagine if the browser's address bar was even smarter than the awesome bar—a genius bar, I guess. As you type, it recognizes your intent. Type “browser's address bar,” and, like the awesome bar, it shows matches in your history. It also shows search results, like the omnibox in Google's Chrome. As you type, the search results dwindle. Type this entire post, and this post, and others related to it, would pop up. However, if you were just quoting this post, and you continued to write your own post, all search results would disappear. The genius bar would automatically add footnotes, and turn the quote into a link to the search for the quote. As your essay gets longer, the bar becomes a large text input area, complete with text formatting options that would pop up above the essay. Once your essay reached the bottom of you screen and required a new page, the awesome bar would now be a full-fledged word processor. By default, writings would be public. You could just drag the whole thing to a sidebar of contacts, though.Click on the person you want to send it to, and a contextual menu pops up--send it to the person, chat with person, call person? Much like FriendFeed aggregates and improves receiving information, the unified writing interface would help sending information. One UI expressly for writing beats all the disparate ones that are tacked on to web sites and apps. A good example of this idea in practice is Posterous. This service lets you write an email, then make it a blog post by sending it to post@posterous.com. This makes your email client more useful, which is good because people usually keep their email client open all the time. It saves people from opening another app to blog, which makes good sense. I rarely blog, so even logging into blogger is a little inconvenient, as it is not routine for me;it is not as integrated into my workflow. Right now, my incoming messages are split between google reader and gmail, while my outgoing messages are split between comments on blogs and personal messages on gmail. Ideally, this would all be one service, which I guess FriendFeed is.

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