e diel, 9 nëntor 2008

The Collapse of the Political Parties

While the Democratic Party seems stronger than ever and the GOP weaker, they are in fact both weaker now than before. This is borne out out by more voters identifying themselves as independents. Both the parties, and all the special interests that have supported them are circling the wagons in preparation for the attack of everyone. They are collapsing into the same policies. Look at the very bipartisan immigration reform bill. Bipartisan is supposed to make something good, but it is often bad, and the reason for the big bipartisanship push is that the partisans (Republicans and Democrats) are both weaker, and together they are stronger. Immigration may be the straw on the camel's back that makes us a more representative democracy forever. The Feds are spending more than almost anyone wants. The only people who support this waste are special interest groups, like big corporations and unions. Big corporations are shrinking by the day, and unions are history. So far, Americans have realized that liberalism doesn't work, and corporatism doesn't work, so they are desperately casting about for something...different. Obama isn't it, which people will soon realize. By then, we will have started to see a decent alternative, namely, small government at home, big government abroad, to paraphrase George Will.

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