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Posterous | Re: markets are our only hope

Politics is Over
I just can't get interested in politics any more.  The only way I see to accomplish any thing good is privately.
Once everything is private, every person's life will be exciting.  When you are responsible for every bit of your life, each decision becomes more important, and also becomes a better decision.  There will be less anger towards others, since they will become irrelevant to your happiness.  The habit of self-correction will spread to every act.  Self-improvement will be rapid.  The very act of becoming more responsible will decreases problems with society and other public issues.
This page is a window into the future its text describes.  It is made up of parts made by many individual, independent actors.  Look at a mainstream news site.  The Washington Post, for example, has, on one typical page, Ads by Google, Search by Google, Comments by Pluck, Who's Blogging by Sphere, and "Get The Post's take on whatever you're reading -- anywhere on the Web." powered by Mywebpost.  Oh, and did I mention a model of the concepts in the article by evri and links to related articles by AggregateKnowledge?  Finally, and most ominously for papers there are jobs listings...by SimplyHired.  All the Post itself handles is links to the rest of their site, and irrelevant advertising by their internal ad group, which will soon die either thanks to replacement by AdSense, or its parent's replacement by Google News.  Oh, and Google News is just one of many competing news aggregators, the best of which, TechMeme just became a two-man team, after having become Tech Web, Page A1 by the work of one person.  Ayn Rand and Nietzsche's super person is here, and he is every one.  So no one's angry any more, because everyone's powerful and no one is holding any one back. 
All work now is creative.  For example, a webmaster used to be a handcoder of vanilla HTML.  Now he picks the best of the web's tools for use by a huge website.  That job has gotten better, and billions more callings have been created.  Creator of a Related-article finder, creator of a concept-understander program are but two.  What's yours?
The change is bottom-up and top-down, empowering the meritorious upstart and emptying the pockets of the unproductive corporate giant, leaving one huge meritocratic middle class.  One class means no class.
Care to join?

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