e mërkurë, 27 maj 2009

markets are our only hope

Anything that doesn't work is just not private enough.  The tech sector is the most productive thing in the world.  It is the "biggest legal creator of wealth in the history of the world."  The government didn't have anything to do with it.  It has improved, and will improve, life, far more than anything ever has.  Here is one huge problem tech can fix: Mexico.  The only thing that will ever fix Mexico is increasing its GDP.  The only thing that can grow its GDP is private investors.  So far, they are the only good thing in mexico.  They are productive, peaceful.  They keep Mexicans in Mexico, because they provide jobs in Mexico.  The maquiladoras are what has vaulted Mexico's economy to where it is, and the continuing creation of business in Northern Mexico will make it a paradise.  Even the security is private, and it has to be.  The Obama Administration refuses to send the Army, so private contractors will have to do.  The web has democratized violence, but it hasn't spread killing power evenly.  The best weapons are still in America's hands.  American mercs will make the world peaceful and prosperous and there is nothing any one can do about it, although they will try their best.  One example of the democratization of violence is iRobot.  It is consumer/military technology company that makes the PackBot, which neutralizes IEDs in Iraq, and the Roomba, which neutralizes cat pee smells in your living room.  iRobot makes a hackable platform, a robot that you can make do anything.  What keeps mercs from using it and outclassing the Mexican narco-state and the Mexican sissy-state at once?   UAVs are easily replicable.  Not to mention, this stuff would be incredibly fun.  It's where all the money is, and all the adventure.  The world market stagnate until it floods the third world, making beggars consumers, and killers producers.  Another huge world problem is education.  Same story: privatize.  Quality goes up, access goes up, peace spreads, money spreads.  It is a well-documented fact that wherever money goes, violence flees.  This private world will allow every one to do exactly what they want, and be rewarded better than they ever have.  Specialization will rule the age.  The world will need one comment analyst, and one it will have.  When the whole world is annexed by the Web, each part of the Web will be faster and stronger, and it will have to become faster and stronger in the process.  As tech spreads and reinforces itself, violence will decamp.  Everyone will have a great life, so they will have no reason to fight.  In fact, they will have reason to cooperate like never before.  10 billion people will each have their own comparative advantage, and trade will make up 100% of economic activity.  People will be so incredibly interdependent that war will be unthinkable.  People will be able to stop worrying about things that hurt, and concentrate on making every one feel better.  As every person gets rich, leisure will quickly near perfection. 

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