e hënë, 27 prill 2009

Pandora Plus

I want to tell Pandora that I like good classic rock songs, very good funk/classic r & b songs, and only the very best jazz or classical songs. Right now, it wants to play songs from only one genre. I play a customized classic rock station. It has evolved to suit my tastes pretty well, and has started to play some other types of songs I like, like 90's rock, which I guess is pretty close to classic rock. But it will never play some of the songs I like, like Baby Love The Supremes, Reach Out (I'll Be There), Crazy, Gnarls Barkley, Hey Ya by Outkast, Underdog by Spoon, Oops Upisde Your Head by the Gap Band. It should be able to tell that I like popular songs. For example, in classic rock, my favorite genre, my top 10 are the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company--the 10 biggest classic rock bands. So when I make a funk station, why doesn't guess I would like the very most popular funk artists, like Rick James, the Gap Band, etc.? It could infer that the first station you create is your favorite, so you will like lots of songs on it. However, the next station you make will probably be your second favorite kind of music, so it should only play the very best, like an all-time top 40 of R and B. I don't think I care so much which instruments are played, but how well they are played and how well the whole package is produced, which I think you can infer from which songs are the most popular.

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