e diel, 8 shkurt 2009

start page

We all go to the same sites everyday for the most part. So Google has automated this process by making a start page of your most frequently-accessed pages. It posts thumbnails of your favorite pages. The problem is, all these thumbnails tell you is what site they are. The pictures are too small to show you the content on the page you want. So you have to click through to open the entire page, jerking you away from the start page. Say you clicked on gmail. What if you get to the inbox and then there are no interesting messages? It would be nice if you could just see what messages you got on your home page without going to Gmail itself. Of course, there are personalized start pages that offer gadgets that do just that. The problem with those is that you have to manually add widgets. Why not take the best of both worlds and automatically populate your start page with widgets for your favorite sites. The first page would be based on the pages you visit the very most. The second page would have the second-most visited pages, and so on. Now that we have the best of the two kinds of personalized start pages, how about something new that neither one has. What if widgets were automatically made from pages by plucking out the important information. For example, a techcrunch gadget would show the most recent posts. There is software that automatically makes mobile versions of sites, which is very similar. To take this one, final step further, what if it recognized what kind of content each widget contained, and organized the feeds from each source into a kind of unified inbox for your rss feeds, twitter, and gmail.