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Review of Google Calendar

Quick and Easy Calendar Software

Calendars are handy.  Web-based calendars are extremely handy, as Google Calendar shows.  Google Calendar is easy to use and simple, but one feature stands out; you can add events to the calendar by typing them in natural language.  For example, you could schedule walking your dog at 5 PM tomorrow by typing in "walk dog 5 PM tomorrow."  The event would then show up on your Google Calendar on the date you indicated, at the time you specified.  You could also set it to remind you by email and by text message. 

Additional options include adding public calendars, such as baseball teams' season schedules, to your calendar.   You can do this quickly.  Finally, if you use Google Desktop, you can download a Google Calendar gadget that shows your calendar, your agenda (your upcoming events) and allows you to add events using natural language as mentioned before.  This program is convenient, and a boon to web users.

Rated 5/5 on Jun 19 2007 by Coleman Foley
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